This year we are celebrating 15 August as our Climate Sunday, a day when as a faith community we call for meaningful action on Climate Change.
Our service is at 10.00am on 15 August  and you can join it here:


L is For Lifestyle - Christian Living that Doesn't Cost the Earth by Ruth Valerio

How can we live more responsibly? In this A-Z, Ruth Valerio highlights the main threats to people and our planet, God's beloved creation. She shows us how, by making small but significant changes to our lifestyle, we can learn the secret of a life that is both fair and simple. Scenario: you wake up and jump in the shower. The water is hot and the house warm. You eat breakfast: coffee made with water boiled in the kettle, and cereal with milk kept cool in the fridge. You throw out the foil trays from last night's takeaway before jumping in the car and setting off for work. You've done nothing unusual, but already your lifestyle choices - yes, choices - have had an impact on people and the environment across the world. With warmth and honesty, the author shares her personal journey as well as disturbing findings and deep concerns. It is her passion that we would all play our part in caring for the amazing earth that our God has so wisely and generously created.

You can purchase the book  here.

Eco Church

Eco Church is a scheme whereby local parishes can practically care for God's creation.  As a Trustee of A Rocha UK, our Vicar Mike Perry is a naitonal lead on Eco Church and within our own parish we want to look a t ways we can win the Silver Award.  YOu can find out more about Eco Church here

If you are interested in forming an Eco Church Group in the Valley contact Mike the Vicar.  One way forward will be to have an initial meeting where we look at the survey and devise a plan of action.

Sign the 'The Time is Now' Declaration:

Dear Prime Minister,The time is now to lead the UK towards a healthier, greener, fairer future. Ahead of hosting the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow in 2021, we can build back better together if we:

  • Unleash a clean energy revolution that boosts jobs across the UK, making our transport, power and housing fit for the future
  • Protect, restore and expand our green and wild spaces; allowing nature to thrive, taking carbon from the air and boosting the nation’s health
  • Leave no one behind by increasing support to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change at home and abroad

The UK must lead the world by ensuring our recovery gets us on track to net-zero emissions and limits the rise in global temperature to 1.5 degrees C. Our best chance of building a resilient economy goes hand in hand with tackling climate change.

We are ready to play our part, and we call on you to join us.

To sign on line go to: 

Send a Physical Postcard to our Prime Minister

Politicians really do take notice of the cards we send.  Make COP Count have a postcard campaign, calling for 

  • An end to UK Government subsidies to fossil fuel companies (the business magazine Forbes reported last year that the U.K. has allocated $5 billion in stimulus commitments to fossil fuels, while clean energy will receive $158 million—just 3% of the injection intended for hydrocarbons).
  • A financial package for the world's poorest countries to adapt to and limit climate change

You can find details of how to send a postcard here 


Resources from the Anglican Alliance, produced by Elizabeth Perry

A Short Film Living the Fifth Mark of Mission across the Anglican Communion click here

Troubled Waters (English) A short visual reflection which looks at the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation across our beautiful world and some of the ways people are responding - all seen through the lens of water and Scripture.

Anglican Alliance climate emergency hub

Reflections on the fifth anniversary of the Paris agreement




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