Lent Retreat

Lee Abbey is a contemporary community in the evangelical tradition set in the Valley of the Rocks near Lynton in Devon.  It was set up by a group of friends, returning from serving in the Second World War.  It has provided a place of rest recuperation and inspiration for the generations since that time and has been a key foundry of my faith.

David Runcorn was one of my lecturers at theological college and is a man of great wisdom and insight.  I highly commend him to you.

Rev. Mike Perry, Vicar.

What Lee Abbey say about this online retreat:

For so many reasons, the times we are living through feel to me like sailing across an unknown and often hazardous sea. It is not easy to remember when this journey began. We were suddenly adrift. Nor do we yet know where it will lead. But I notice that following Jesus involved a lot of sea crossings in the gospels. And frequently what happened during the crossings was more important than getting to the other side. There, times of threat, powerlessness and danger became places of encounter, recognition and discovery. Journeys between things – their challenges and vulnerabilities – characterise all faith and life. And never more so than in our present times.

Here are reflections on five stories of Jesus and his disciples on or around the uncertain waters of the sea of faith.  Each reflection starts with some short, introductory prayers and comes with a handout and suggestions for further prayer and reflection.

This retreat will be available for free for you to use from 17th Feb on YouTube.

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