Lenten Actions

I'm goind to be listing here ideas for positive action for people and the planet


A) Personal Lifestyle and the Planet
We are called to care for God's Creation and also to love our neigbour as ourselves - in this context that means doing our duty towards future generations and our world wide neigbours.
Here are some ideas for actions

  1. Do a Household Audit with Creation Care:
    The Creation Care scheme aims to encourage households to make changes to care for God’s earth. 
    Wherever households are on their creation care journey, we want to provide ideas for their next steps, and recognise the progress they’ve made.
    Find it here
  2. Ethical Consumer.  Knowing what decisions on the goods we buy and the financial decisions we make is really hard.  Ethical Consumer have analysed hundreds of companies and analysed their ethical position across a whole range of criteria, helping you to make choices that have an impact for people and planet.  Find them here.
  3. The Climate Emergency Toolkit 

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