Sunday Worship for 22 November 2020

Welcome everyone to our  Sunday Service for 22nd November 2020
The Clebration of Christ the King (Next Sunday before Advent)
Live Zoom Service
Our main service will be a live interactive service conducted on Zoom.
The service will start at 10.00am but feel free to join from 9.45 onwards to gather and meet. 
All the words and music you will need will come up on the screen.
Please join the Zoom Service by clicking here

Meeting ID: 826 2126 7260Passcode: WoodfordV


  • Next week we will be celebrating Advent Sunday and St Andrew's Day.
  • In the evening next Sunday we will be having an online Zoom   'Second Sunday @ Six' Special led by Hugh Vivian.
  • We will be holding a Virtual Christingle Service at 4pm on Sunday 13 of December.
  • Once we know what the rules will be regarding the Christmas Services we will be letting people know by as many means as possible.
  • Telephone Readings and Sermon
    Do tell any friends who cannot access the internet that they can phone 01722 448 205 to hear today's reading and sermon.  This is now up to date for All Saints Day.

The Offertory
Whilst our planned giving by standing orders has remained steady during the pandemic we have had a serious decline in other giving,  primarily because people are unable to give at service. In particular if you usually give through the envelope scheme and are behind with this please consider coming up to date by sending a cheque to Antony our treasurer (see below).

We all give according to our means, some more and some less, but do note that to break even as a parish we need to raise about £1000 per member of our congregation per year, which gives us all a baseline to measure our more or less from.

If you would like to give a thank you offering for the work of our Parish
you can do so securely by clicking
here or on the Give a Little Icon.  .  

Alternatively cheques can be sent to our Treasurer Antony Wells North Farm House, Great Durnford, Salisbury SP46AZ made payable to 'Woodford Valley PCC'.

Recorded Service

Our recorded service will be available here following the service.

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